What is a Parish Nurse?

A Parish Nurse offers support to individuals and families in the community. 

This can be at a time of crisis or simply during the journey of life’s challenges.

The Parish Nursing Organisation was launched in the UK in 2006.

To find out more about this, follow this link: Parish Nursing Ministries


In Edenbridge

Our local Parish nurse, Julie Barry is funded by the generosity of the local community under the umbrella of the Edenbridge Churches Together Network (ECC)  

Julie set up the Parish Nurse project in Edenbridge in September 2010, and it has grown over the years into a varied role. 

Julie aims to promote wellbeing in the community and takes referrals from local services such as Health Visitors, Social Services, GPs and many others. She can offer support to individuals or families, at a time of crisis or simply during the journey of life's challenges. The Parish Nurse can act as a health advocate, sign poster, health educator, developer of support groups and Julie has set up local support groups in Edenbridge, while also feeding into established mental health support groups here. She is able to encourage attendance at medical appointments and offer support at these appointments. The role is varied and is monitored by Parish Nursing Ministeries.

Although Julie is a highly trained professional with years of nursing experience behind her, she doesn't perform any medical or nursing procedures as such. Her role is more to help people to navigate the complex landscape of their medical care, acting as an advocate for her clients when things get overwhelming. 

The parish nurse project is overseen by local churches, but no one is ever pressurised to change their religion or join a particular church.

Food and Furniture Bank

Alongside Parish nursing, Julie also supervises a group of trained volunteers who run the 'God's Hands' Foodbank and Furniture bank project, also under the umbrella of Churches Togethert (ECC).  

In Julie's words.... "Most of my work is with people who might never have set foot in a church. The project aims to be an aspect of God’s love in action, in the heart of the community"

Donations for the foodbank are usually collected in Waitrose and there is a collection crate in the Eden Church as well.    

All Referrals for the foodbank are taken from Statutory or Voluntary Organisations such as  Ctiizen's Advice, the local school or GP practice. It is not possible for prospective clients to refer themselves.  



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