Eden Community Church
We are a small, friendly, informal and relaxed church.
The church has been described as an “oasis”. Many have found Eden Community Church to be a place of rest and healing. We are all a “work in progress” but enjoying being on the jourrney!
God is changing us. He wants us to be a church that doesn't wear masks, that accepts people as they are and sees God's transforming power at work in our lives and others. We want to grow in our relationship with God through Jesus. We are open to what he wants to do in us in the future and know that he'll continue to be at work in and through us.
We used to meet together on Sunday mornings in Caldewgate, Carlisle, but the building was flooded so we now meet in each other’s homes - currently midweek.  Our meetings together do not follow a fixed format.
Interested to know more? We'd love to meet you.  Please leave a message and your name and telephone number on 01228 808330 and we will call you back.