We are a fun-loving, growing Baptist Church in Edenbridge, Kent.

    We usually gather at 10.30 at the Eden Centre  

    We have returned to services at the Eden Centre

    Please use the CONTACT US form if you have any concerns following the lifting of restrictions.

    We're full of people of all ages and backgrounds, we welcome

    unique and quirky ones too!

    We don't mind how you dress or what you do with your hair, come as you are...

    we always do!

    Don't worry if you're having a bad day, we all have those every now and then,

    come along anyway!

    We try to communicate plainly and simply so everyone can understand the message of

    God's kindness and His great welcome to all.

    So, come along or 

    get in touch by email if you'd like to know anything else....

    We're always keen to tell you more about our awesome community! 


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